7 Great Health Benefits Of Black Cumin Seed Oil

cumin seed oil uses
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 how to use cumin seed oil

The formal scientific name of black cumin is Nigella sativa. Its common names include black seed or blessed seed. In other cultures, the same plant is called schwarzkummel, corek otu, and kalonji. Black seed essential oil can vary widely in potency, depending on the region and strain of the plants used to produce it.

Premium oil producers analyze their product immediately after pressing and select only the strongest oils for inclusion in cumin seed essential oil. Premium black seed oil is typically three or even four times as potent as generic equivalents. The healthiest formulation for the oil is totally pure cumin with no additives of any kind. Pure, strong black seed oil delivers outstanding health benefits in a variety of different ways.

 what is cumin seed oil used for

1Helps Boost Fertility

Infertility is a problem caused by many different chronic health issues. Black seed essential oil has a scientifically-proven fertility-boosting effect that has worked for millions of users facing infertility caused by many different conditions. Black seed has been used in various forms to treat both male and female infertility for thousands of years.

Cumin remains one of the most potent natural fertility boosters available. Besides health improvement, cumin essential oil also delivers proven aphrodisiac and sex drive-enhancing benefits. These advantages are conferred primarily through the plant's anti-inflammatory, circulation-boosting compounds.

 what is cumin seed oil used for

2Treating Fevers And Flu

Suffering from the flu or running a high fever are both significant health risks. This is an area where taking a natural immune system booster can help tremendously. With a weakened immune system, these sorts of garden-variety infections can impair you for days or even weeks.

Black seed oil delivers quick relief from fever and flu symptoms, thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory effects. With a bolstered immune system, your body will be able to put the oil's antioxidant and antibacterial properties to work immediately. For faster flu and fever recovery, try taking black seed oil with honey in warm water. Making this a daily habit will not only cure flu and fever faster but also lead to greater general health.

 how to use cumin seed oil

3Boosting The Immune System

Supporting the immune system and the white blood cells is the key to fighting off infections of every sort. Black seed essential oil has a direct and dramatic positive effect on the immune system. It's a broad spectrum immunity booster that can help with all kinds of infections.

Cumin's immune-boosting effects were known and prized even before medical science worked out how infections worked. Even with all of medicine's great advances, cumin essential oil still has an important place as an all-natural infection fighter. Black seed is not only a potent antibacterial herb but also one with antifungal properties that further extend to immunity-boosting effects.

 what is cumin seed oil used for

4Reducing Allergy Symptoms

When left unaddressed, allergies can lead to sinus infections and other more serious medical issues. Cumin seed essential oil makes a superb natural treatment for allergy flare-ups. Besides relieving allergy symptoms quickly and effectively, cumin oil actually outperforms many pharmaceutical allergy medicines.

Cumin seed essential oil works on allergies and other sinus problems because of its powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds. It's not going too far to say that trying black seed oil may dramatically alter your opinion on the usefulness of prescription medications for treating allergies. Formal studies have shown that black seed essential oil is effective on both respiratory allergy symptoms and skin conditions that may be aggravated by allergic reactions, such as eczema.

 how to use cumin seed oil

5Treating Asthma Symptoms And Coughs

Bronchial inflammation is a stubborn and irritating health problem. It can rob you of life-giving breath and can make it a struggle to get all the oxygen you need. Black seed essential oil can soothe pain, thanks to its strong ability as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Cumin essential oil helps get rid of viral and bacterial infections that may further complicate your breathing, thanks to its immune-boosting effects. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it directly effective against conditions that involve bronchial inflammation, like asthma and bronchitis. The oil's history of treating respiratory ailments of this type stretches all the way back to ancient Egypt.

 how to use cumin seed oil

6Promoting A Healthier Heart

There are a lot of different health issues that can negatively impact your heart's health. All of these issues boil down to one vital problem: robbing the heart tissue of the nutrients it needs. Black seed oil delivers unparalleled heart nutrition, all thanks to its unsaturated omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and phytosterols.

Cumin makes the walls of the blood vessels in the circulatory system more elastic, keeping blood pressure down and discouraging the formation of blood clots. The plant also contains compounds that lower cholesterol and help regulate blood sugar. Black seed oil's ability to keep the heart and circulatory system healthy has been known and praised for centuries.

 what is cumin seed oil used for

7Building Stronger Hair

Unwanted problems with hair health can include everything from hair dryness to hair thinning. These problems are typically signs of more serious health issues throughout the body. Attempting to fix hair damage using topical products may end up causing further damage rather than correcting the underlying issues causing the problems.

Cumin essential oil has a well-deserved reputation for fixing hair problems and keeping the hair healthy. While the functional link between the oil's contents and hair growth is not fully understood, it's most likely that the oil's potent antioxidant properties are the ones responsible. The healthy fatty acid nutrients in the oil (omega-3, 6, and 9) also likely play a role in strengthening the hair follicles. Black seed oil even works to reverse the premature graying of hair.

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Since Western medicine first discovered the therapeutic benefits of black cumin seed oil, its effects have been studied and verified in more than 1,000 different scientific studies. This extensive research has identified multiple active compounds contained in the essential oil that makes it so beneficial to health. Cumin oil has verified antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, and immune-enhancing properties.

The roster of health benefits this oil can deliver is still not complete, and research into its powers continues. Black cumin essential oil is especially noteworthy because it has virtually no adverse side effects. While its therapeutic properties make it excellent for use by professional practitioners, it is also safe enough to be used in home remedies with minimal training and education required.

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  •  how to use cumin seed oil
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  • cumin seed oil uses